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No man no problem (Buzand 9)

As a nickname I called this courtyard an Italian.
This courtyard was so similar to an old courtyard of Italian national colour.
It was snowing when I first entered this courtyard. The scene was so romantic. I didn’t even imagine that my photo story about that courtyard will be about a woman who will struggle for her rights and carry it to the end by paying with her life.
Lilya Kazarian was one of the inhabitants of Buzanti street to whom the danger of being evicted also threatened. Mrs. Lilya lived alone about two months at Buzanti street No.9 struggling against human and property rights. By risking her life she lived in the half-ruined house and persistently didn’t want to leave the house.
In November the 4th while returning home she found her house completely destructed. While being away for several hours the officers of the court had taken away the property in the house and the workers had pulled down the staircase. She had a stroke the same day and was taken to hospital.
On the sixteenth of November she passed away at the hospital.
Just at that day the last fragments of her house were being destructed.
The service for the dead took place at the church as she had no house any more.
Now at the place of her previous house one can see a many-storied building.

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